Here's what you need to know about cyber crime. Don't let it happen to you.


Cyber crime is a $388 billion industry. 

$114 billion in cash in the last year.

$274 billion in lost time for victims.


Cybercrime refers to criminal activity conducted via the Internet. These attacks can include the following:

  • Stealing an organizations intellectual property
  • Confiscating online bank accounts
  • Distributing business information on the Internet
  • Disrupting your critical internal structure
  • Personal and confidential employee information
  • Credit Card information


The average time to resolve cyber attack is 18 days.


FBI Top Crime Types Statistics:

  • Non-delivery payment/Merchandise 14.4%
  • FBI related scams 13.2%
  • Identity theft 9.8%
  • Computer crimes 9.1%
  • Miscellaneous fraud 8.6%
  • Advanced fee fraud 7.6%
  • Spam 6.9%
  • Auction fraud 5.9%
  • Credit card fraud 5.3%
  • Overpayment fraud 5.3%


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